Top 10 Travel Hacks Which Will Make Your Travel Experience Hassle Free

Top 10 Travel Hacks Which Will Make Your Travel Experience Hassle Free

15 Jul 2019 Aishwarya Sharma

“Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” Who does not like travelling?  But, travelling is not always as easy as it seems. Even for the best and most experienced travelers, it can be tough at times and therefore we are here with 10 travel hacks, which will make your travel experience hassle free and enjoyable. It is the time to make your travel plans smoother and forget the turbulence you face every time.


  1. Marking your baggage as fragile is always a great idea

This is one of the most underrated hacks which not everyone makes use of. Marking your baggage as fragile will ensure that it is handled with more caution and it will also help you to get your bags faster when you land.


  1. Get all the arrival and departure details on your phone

If you are sick of looking at the arrival and departure boards at the airport, this hack will surely be a savior. Download the Flightboard app on your phone and get all the details with just a simple click.


  1. Keep the rechargeable batteries in the fridge

Yes, you heard it right. Keeping the rechargeable batteries in the fridge can help the batteries to remain charged for longer and will save you from continuous trouble of charging them. This is because the batteries retain charge better when they are stored in cold temperatures.


  1. Get free food and drinks as a market researcher

With so much intense competition in the market, and companies trying to prove themselves, it is a good opportunity for you to avail benefits. Companies always look for people to try their in return for reviews. A win, win for both!


  1. Use a small backpack or suitcase

When you buy a small suitcase or backpack, you are forced to pack fewer items and it also ensures that you travel light. Travelling becomes easier when you carry lesser items.


  1. Carry an extra credit card or bank card

Carrying an extra card will save you from unforeseen situations and you will never be without funds. You can travel tension free without getting yourself in stressful situations (asking others for money).


  1. Use bank cards with no or lowest fees

It is better to use cards without fees as losing money to banks is something no one would like to do. It is good to have a debit or credit card which does not have transaction fees. It may seem just a few dollars or cents initially but over time it will definitely save you a lot of money.


  1. Make some copies of the important documents

You never know when you might need a copy of your driver’s license, identity proof or passport, and it is certainly not a good idea to keep carrying the original documents with you at all times. So, it is good to make a copy of the documents and also email a copy to yourself so that you can use it at any time.


  1. Don’t panic if you forgot your charger

Phone and laptop chargers are one of the most common items people forget in the hotels and guest houses, so do not panic if you forgot yours at home. All you need to do is contact your hotel as the housekeeping mostly collects the chargers people forgets, and you can easily get one charger for your use.


  1. Do not forget to carry a lock

Carrying a lock at all times is essential. When you stay at hostels or dorms, you may need to lock your stuff to keep it safe. The lock will come in handy in such situations.

So, here these are our top 10 travel hacks which will definitely help you to travel better. Follow them and make your travel experience smoother. Also, do not forget to drop in some hacks you follow and share it with our travel community.

Till then, Happy Travelling!

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