5 Unique Safety Gadgets Every Travel Enthusiast Must Own

5 Unique Safety Gadgets Every Travel Enthusiast Must Own

25 Jul 2019 Aishwarya Sharma

If you are planning to take a vacation soon, then there is plenty to plan about- including the best places to visit, your stay for the vacation and places you wish to visit.

But, one of the major things which people often ignore is- Safety.

This may not sound as the most exciting part of your vacation, but it is surely the most important aspect to avoid any troubles while travelling. By making sure that you have all the safety measures in place, you will have the peace of mind that you are safe and can travel without any worries.

This list of some great safety products you can carry while travelling will help you be safe and keep you covered. It covers everything you will need and will help you travel with a free mind.

We hope that this list proves handy to you and you have a safe and fun vacation!

  1. Pocket Lock

This lock may look small, but is a great way to add an extra layer of security while you travel. This lock can easily be added to any door and can prevent any break-ins or security breaches. We know that you value your privacy and with the pocket lock, you can be safe in the hotel room or Airbnb and be tension free. Take control of your privacy and make sure no one can come inside your room without your permission.

It is super sleek and compact, which means you can carry it conveniently and be safe at all times.


  1. Secret Pocket Scarf

Style meets safety with the secret pocket scarf. This is an infinity scarf which doubles as a purse. This can make you look stylish and helps you keep the phone, passport or documents safely with you while you travel.

This can be styled in multiple ways and the secret pocket is secured with a zipper.


  1. LTS Passport and Document Wallet

Whichever part of the world you may be in, it is utmost necessary to keep your passport and other important documents safe and dry. This Passport and Document Pouch is water-resistant with multiple pockets to keep your documents organized.

The best part about this pouch is that it is durable and has RFID-blocking feature. So, you need not worry when you travel, and enjoy the activities tension free.


  1. RFID Blocking Wallet

Keeping your cards and cash properly is very much necessary when you travel in a foreign land. This RFID Blocking Wallet is sleek looking and corrosion resistant. It is very durable and keeps your cards and cash safe.

The RFID blocking plate on the outside of the wallet keeps your cards safe from scammers and the lightweight makes it perfect accessory for every travel enthusiast.


  1. Multi-purpose Card - Survival Tool

If you are an outdoor adventures enthusiast and love to trek, camp or indulge in other activities, then this is the right gift for you. This tool will surely help you stay safe and make your trips more enjoyable.

This multi-purpose card is a complete survival kit and has 14 different functions which helps you survive in a variety of encounters. The kit is made of steel and is sturdy to stand any pressure when you are on adventure. This will surely make you look forward to more outdoor activities and enjoy them worry free.

We are sure these unique gadgets will prove to be handy the next time you go on a trip. If you know someone who loves travel, and you care about their safety, why not gift them these unique gifts. Each of these tools and gadgets are unique and are made keeping the travel enthusiasts in mind.

Do let us know which one is your favorite and tag someone who would love to own this!

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